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It’s easy to be swept up in the romance of Diamonds. Humans have a long history of being enhanced by their sparkle and allure. As far back as the first century AD, the Roman naturalist Pliny observed ‘Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world.’

But when purchasing a Diamond for our customers, we always chose with our head as well as our heart. We take into consideration the four Cs: clarity, cut, colour and carat. These are what determine the Diamonds sparkle.

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The Four C’s





All Diamonds are beautiful, and their unique characteristics or imperfections reflect their story and journey. We don’t like to think in terms of flaws, as this implies there’s something wrong with the Diamond and this isn’t the case. Any imperfections usually aren’t visible to the naked eye. Every Diamond is perfect in its own way.

Nevertheless, Diamonds are often graded according to their clarity. The clarity of a Diamond is a measurement of its flaws. These include surface flaws, which we call blemishes and internal imperfections which we call inclusions: the fewer the flaws, the more expensive the Diamond. As you can see from the chart, the clarity of the Diamond is graded, so if you require a specific grade, please let us know.

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There’s also a scale that measures the cut of a Diamond: this ranges from ‘excellent’ to ‘poor’. These days most Diamonds are cut very well, and ‘old cuts’ are becoming increasingly sought after due to their rarity. As vintage-lovers, we love working with old Diamonds!

The carat size, colour and clarity of a Diamond all influence its price. Rest assured, whatever your budget, we’ll help you to source a beautiful Diamond that fulfils your desires.

When sourcing a stone, the first thing we consider is it’s style: Diamonds come in a variety of shapes. The chart shows the standard versions, but don’t let these limit your imagination. We can source many weird and beautiful shapes, or even cut them to order in our lapidary.

The next consideration is the colour.

When visualising Diamonds, many people imagine a clear stone, but in reality, Diamonds range from colourless to a distinctive yellow.

Please see the chart for more information. All colours are equally beautiful, and your selection is down to personal preference.

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Feeling overwhelmed by choice? Give us a call to talk through your vision. We can offer suggestions and show you examples of rings we’ve created for inspiration. If you’re still deliberating, we can source a selection of shapes for you to consider. Seeing diamond in real life for the first time is always magical! Sometimes seeing a one next to sketch can help things fall into place.

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