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Gemstones come in a rainbow of colours and shades, depending on how they absorb light and reflect energy. Some people feel drawn to a gemstone’s colour. Others choose according to birthstone. Please see the chart for more information.

As you know we love a backstory: do you know where the concept of birthstones originated? Some believe they derive from the breastplate of Aaron. Described in Exodus, this sacred object was worn by the High Priest of the Israelites to communicate with God. It featured twelve different gemstones, each one associated different tribes of Israel.

It’s also worth bearing in mind a gemstone’s rating on the MOH scale when making your choice. This scale rates a gemstone according to its hardness. This can be an important factor, depending on the purpose of the ring.
Rings that are intended to be worn every day
such as engagement rings require tough gemstones that will stand the test of time. That’s why such rings often feature Diamonds (rated 10 on the MOH scale), Sapphire and Rubies (rated 9).

But don’t worry if you’re drawn to a more fragile gemstone’s colour. We can advise you on how to create a similar look using more robust stones. For example, many people love the colour of Tanzanite (rated 6.5) and Emerald (rated 7). However, these delicate gemstones aren’t recommended for everyday wear. We can create a similar colour scheme using green Sapphire or Tsavorite stones.

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Heulwen Lewis Bespoke
Heulwen Lewis Bespoke

‘I offered to buy my wife a ring for our Ruby wedding anniversary. We spent many fruitless months before, and years after, our anniversary trawling around jewellers to see something she half-liked without success. Before we knew it, it was time for our Sapphire anniversary. The thought of repeating this experience was too much so I persuaded my wife to describe to Sarah what she was looking for. The result, in a short time, was a beautiful ring that she loves. And one happy husband who no longer has to look in every jeweller’s shop window when out. A win-win! It was a great experience choose the stones and see the ring go from design, to cad model, to 3D model to final ring. I can really recommend the service. Now I’m free for four years until our 50th.’

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